We are a creative Studio that specializes in The marketing of Real Estate Development, Architecture and the communication Arts.

Studio 97 was founded in 2010 to provide its partners with the tools to successfully communicate their concepts to the customers they serve.  We tell the story through compelling architectural renderings, animation, Photography and Film. 

Why We Do It ?

Relentless passion in everything we do!  Our belief is that we don't have clients but partners.  Through collaboration and shared experiences we build relationships, explore new ideas in the pursuit of our common goal.



  • Photographic Renderings
  • 3d Animation
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design


Core Team



 Founder & Owner of Studio 97
 Director of Arch/Viz and Animation


Justin has over two decades of experience in providing architectural renderings and animations for Real Estate Developers and Architects in the U.S, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  He founded studio 97 to further pursue his passion for telling the story.

Justin has worked with Kitchen Sink Studios as an employee and contractor for over 13 years.  Justin wore many hats as the Director or Architectural Visualization. His responsibilities included the production of high end architectural renderings, animation, photography, film, client relations, business development and more.   



Tim Stansell

Freelance Photography/Film

Justin and Tim collaborated on many projects while working at Kitchen Sink Studios so it makes sense that they would continue to work together into the future.

Over the past decade, Tim has provided commercial photography services to individuals and businesses and corporations primarily in Arizona and the Southwest.  He's worked all over the United States and in a handful of countries all over the world.  Tim has won local and national awards for his photography and cinematography.  His work is featured on the photography and film sections.